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Tips for Choosing and Hiring a Contractor In Boston Massachusetts

Tips on choosing and hiring a contractor

  1. Get to know your contractor before you choose one. Have your contractor come over for a consultation and ask questions. Like, how long have you been in business? Will you be doing the work yourself, or will your employees? Who will be supervising the project? How long have you been working with your subcontractors? Ask questions

  2. Do your homework after you meet with contractors. Make sure they are licensed/insured and have their LEAD RRP certification.  Check with your local state website or building departments  to make sure. Ask questions.

  3. Get a least three different quotes and make sure everything is included in the quote.  A lot of times contractors will leave things out , only to back charge you in the end at a higher rate. Ask questions.

  4. Take your time choosing the contractor. Never feel rushed or pressured into making a decision. Your home is your investment! Check to see if the contractor is currently working on any other projects and if you can go see them. Ask questions.

  5. Last but not least, sign a contract before the job starts. Make sure there is a scope of work, payment schedule, contingency clause and a copy for your records. Never pay for the job in full or give a final payment before you are satisfied. Ask questions and remember you are the boss!!

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