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Customer Testimonials

I was out of luck finding good contractors in the past and always seemed to feel like I wasn't getting the bang for my buck I was hoping for. Then I was introduced to RJT Carpentry and Tile. It all changed from there. What looked like an endless project with no real deadlines or schedules looking on point RJT stepped right in and handled everything perfectly. Suddenly I had a set schedule, I knew when certain things in the house were being done and how much everything would cost down to the last nail. I was amazed at the amount of work that gets done in the course of a day. RJT turned a house renovation potential nightmare into an absolute joy. The house is finally done and its the dream house I have always wanted for my family. Thanks to RJT it was done in a timely fashion and at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend them. You won't find a better home remodeling company out there.

 Dan Gillis

RJT Carpentry and tile has done remarkable work on my "oldhouse" making a beautiful bathroom that looked small and shabby and transforming it into a Tuscan style , classy major improvement. And when my top deck was so rotted that it was separating from the house, it was Ryaan and his crew who saved the day. They rebuilt a stronger deck and strengthened all the supports in such a way that even this winter there was not a drop of leakage down to the bottom deck. From small jobs- my hallway re-plastered and painted - to huge construction jobs Ryaan's work has been superb and reasonably priced. I recommend RJT Carpentry and Tile to all of my friends and family that his company is top notch, A+ with a price tag that is affordable.

 Nancy O' Malley

I have had several opportunities to personally see and appreciate the fine workmanship and reliability that R.J.T. Carpentry and Tile  brings to their craft. Some examples of work they has done for me are:

-complete renovation and repair of older house for resale -addition of an outside deck -total remodeling of a bathroom

Ryaan has also worked as my contractor, overseeing all of the elements concerned with these repairs. He has always proven to be professional and dependable at all times. I highly recommend R.J.T. Carpentry and Tile  for any home project.

 Joan Marks

As a shipyard manager by proffesion, I am familiar with planning out projects and then working with surprises as they arise. I bought a house that was charitably described as a "tear down", and through a series of projects, RJT Carpentry and Tile has taken it into a completely different league. Ryaan is excellent at planning, and then amending the plan as necessary. He has a good eye, is organized, on time, and communicates. He creates practical and cost effective solutions. He leaves the jobsite cleaned up everyday, which I really appreciate, as I am always living within the project site. It is always a pleasure.

Viking Gustafson

It is never an easy decision whom to hire and/or trust when it comes to doing renovation work. As to Ryaan, while we did know him personally, to say hello to and chat with, we had never asked about the work he did until friends – all of them – told us about the superior quality of his work.Well, add us to that list. We could not have asked for a better contractor. He’s the complete package. He not only sees all the pieces of the puzzle for almost any situation (planned and unexpected), he knows how to get those pieces to fit. Whatever the need – plumber, electrician, painter, plasterer, flooring installer, rough and finish carpenters, roofer, whatever – Ryaan knows whom to call on to help, all of them very good at what they do.

Sure, maybe others can do that, but what sets Ryaan apart – beyond his considerable skills – is how he works with his clients.Our project started out as a modest piece of renovation involving fixing up a house addition built over 20 years ago. Whenever we had an issue with something; or we changed our minds; or some existing condition was worse than expected, Ryaan was the consummate problem solver. He’d listen, suggest, listen, suggest again, let us decide and listen some more. He always got to the solution and never stayed in, nor avoided, any problem, going the extra mile in every way he could. He is a very patient and reassuring problem solver. And trust us, he is what we needed when this festering DISASTER dropped upon us. One small part of this modest job was to cut out a 2’ x 4’ piece of the ceiling and replace it to get rid of a three-inch water stain. The plasterer poked through the piece of ceiling to repair it. Gallons of water and colonies of carpenter ants cascaded down, on him, his workers, the walls, the tools, everything. It was beyond bad-awful, and it meant we would now be looking far beyond a mere renovation to some severe structural repairs. Not that we hadn’t been cautious – we’d sprayed for ants every year. But the thick rubber membrane above the ceiling and below the insulation, made for one big sponge where the ants gladly stayed in place. This was ant heaven.

Before any more original work was possible, the roof would have to be replaced, which meant the porch above it would have to be disassembled (and then rebuilt), which meant that the deck above that would have to be secured and held in place while the work below was done… New structural work also meant unplanned things that had to be updated to code and inspected, along with the new framing and roof. To make things the more awful, the insurance company found all the loopholes they needed to tell us we were on our own.No one felt worse about it all than Ryaan. He did everything possible to make it right and did it quickly and at reasonable cost, despite the fact that he had other clients and items on his docket – remember, we were supposed to be just a small renovation job.This was a situation where we could have gotten soaked, like the ceiling workers, but we are pleased to report that we had someone on board who looked out for us and did everything he could to have it be right, give us all the options and costs and make it work.

Having renovation work done is never gone into lightly, nor without worry about whether the outcome will meet three basic expectations: that there will be no surprises, that the cost is within bounds and that the work will be at least good, if not superior, please.Well, we got surprised twice: once by our house, which despite our best efforts had secrets deep within that had to be brought out into the light of day; and second, by our contractor. We were in a treacherous and vulnerable situation but we could not have been in better hands – no matter what the problem, Ryaan gave us all the options, helped us get to a solution, and got things done, no matter the deadlines and restrictions he faced.

And the work was better than good, it was superb.

Bob And Nancy Heroux