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Restoring Your Deck Boston Massachusetts

As the surface of wood is exposed to sunlight, dirt, mildew, rain and snow, it eventually deteriorates in appearance. This phenomenon occurs very rapidly to unprotected wood. An essential first step in refinishing / maintaining wood decks is proper cleaning. Using quality stain, stripper and cleaner, a wood-penetrating sealant can prolong the life of wood within its first application.

Restoration of wood involves either cleaning or stripping the surface. If the wood on your deck is uncoated, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly with a product specifically formulated to gently remove the aged top surface layer, which will rid the surface of its grayed appearance, ground-in dirt and stains from food splatters and fungus growth, including mildew, mold and algae. If your deck has been previously coated with a varnish or colored stain, stripping will be required.

Our team would be more than happy to come take a look at your current deck project and go over the options that would best fit your homes needs. Please feel free to call us today for a free estimate !!
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