December 9, 2011 Posted by Ryaan in Blog

Priming Your Walls Before Painting Boston Massachusetts

One of the most important steps to painting a wall is making sure you prime it correctly. Primer is used as a first coat in order for the finish coat to adhere properly. A good primer has many binding properties added to it to ensure good adhesion.

Primers can be tinted to a close match with the color of the finish paint you are using. If the finish paint is a deep color, you can have the primer tinted to reduce the number of layers of finish paint that are necessary for good coverage across the painted walls.

Start by cutting in the ceiling , windows ,and doors with a brush. Make sure to get a nice heavy coat of primer on the walls.Next you want to apply the primer with a roller, using a bucket with a screen will make it easier to paint.Make sure to cover each wall entirely with the roller and to take your time.

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