Painting A Room For The First Time Boston Massachusetts

So your painting your first room and dont know where to even begin. The best thing to start with is what your painting, what colors you want to choose, and how much paint you'll need. You can do this by going on the color visualizer on have on the sight or get some samples and test them on different areas of the room. You can also take the measurements of your room and give them to your paint supplier and they will help you figure out how much you need.

The next step is prepping your room for paint. First timers should get low-adhesion tape and tape off all areas you are not painting. You also want to dust all surface off that have dirt/dust on them, sand down any rough spots, and fill any cracks or holes with caulking. Next, you want to cover all the floors with drop clothes.

After you have prepped everything its time to paint !! Take your time and set yourself up correctly. Your going to want to put some paint in a tray or bucket w/ a screeen, and also a small bucket or pot for your brush. Start cutting in all your areas with your brush. Lightly dip your brush in the paint and start to get a feel for things. after your done cutting everything in , its time to move on to the roller. Start by getting the roller cover completely covered with paint. You want to start at the bottom of the wall and roll upwards,roll everything out until all the walls are covered.

When your done and the paint dries, see if you need to do another coat. You can acheive this by following the same steps over again. Its usually best to paint two coats. Now you want to take your tape off, clean your brushes,roller,buckets, throw out your roller cover, and fold all your drop clothes up.

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