Power Washing Boston Massachusetts

Power washing is one of the best and most effective ways to clean so many surfaces if done right. There are two kinds of power washers: electric or gas powered. Power washers also come with different power capacitys and depending on how big your job is or what your cleaning, youll want to use the right one. Remember ,water and electricity don't mix!

You're going to get wet when pressure washing, and that puts you at risk of receiving an electrical shock from wires and exterior outlets. Look overhead to check for power lines before placing or extending your ladders. Avoid blasting the house's electrical service-entrance cable, the electrical meter, exterior outlets and exterior lights.

Stand Firm Position the ladder on a firm footing at the proper angle about 75 degrees. To assess the angle, place the toe of your boot against the ladder's base. With your arms straight out, you should be able to rest your hands on the rung in front of you, (usually the fifth rung). Obviously, the most dangerous part of this work is operating a pressure washer with two hands while standing on a ladder. If you're at all uncomfortable with ladder work, hire a professional. Otherwise, take your time, lean against the ladder, and stop if you feel uneasy or unsafe.

Do No Harm Try a pressure nozzle with a wider fan pattern before resorting to one with a narrower pattern. Yellow nozzles spray at a fan pattern of 15 degrees, green at 25 degrees, and white at 40 degrees. Reserve the red nozzle ,which is 0 degrees for unusual applications like power washing off hardened mud .

Keep the nozzle moving, and hold it the recommended distance from the surface. Finally, avoid blasting water upward at steep angles under vinyl siding. Also you want to make sure you, don't blast directly into corners, under the edge of windows and doors or into dryer or attic vents.

Our team would be more than happy to come take a look at your current power washing project and go over the options that would best fit your homes needs. Please feel free to call us today for a free estimate !!
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